Police blog: The police is responsible for maintaining safety even in moped meetups

Publication date 16.9.2021 8.31
News item

In various parts of Finland, the police has encountered situations in which young people have tried to disturb or even obstruct police operations. This has happened for example in moped meetups and other types of rallies.

In these meetups, the participants often pop wheelies on their vehicles and accelerate recklessly, causing several dangerous situations and even trying to provoke the police to pursuit. 

The disorderly behaviour has been encouraged and applauded by the public. Rocks have been thrown at police cars and bottles and cans at police officers. Serious accidents have also happened.

The phenomenon is discussed in the blog ‘Crossing the limits or finding space?’, published on the police website.  Blog authors include chiefs of police traffic sectors from various parts of Finland.

The blog emphasises that the supervision of moped meetups and other rallies by the police is not a question of bullying or deliberately hindering someone’s hobby, but maintaining public order and safety.

The blog discusses the reasons for and consequences of the phenomenon and what can be done about it. 

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