Police detected almost 1,000 cases of unfastened seatbelts and 600 mobile phone users at the wheel

Publication date 14.3.2023 12.00
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A police officer checks a driver's licence at a traffic control, with a police van in the background in a snowy landscape.
Police control traffic

During last week’s nationwide thematic controls, the Police issued 902 fixed petty fines for failures to use the seatbelt. In addition, 74 fines were issued to those failing to use the belt or safety seats in cases where the negligence was found to be apt to jeopardise the safety of another person, for example, a child or a passenger on the front seat.

For speaking on the cell phone held in the hand, 386 drivers were fined, while a total of 216 drivers were sanctioned for texting or using another corresponding handheld device while driving.  In nine further cases, the Police intervened with the disturbing or endangering use of a technical device. 

Chief Superintendent Tuomo Katajisto of the National Police Board hopes that the control and information operations would lead to a comprehensive use of the safety belt because it is of vital, i.e., lifesaving importance in crash situations.

As concerns the use of the phone, Chief Superintendent Katajisto finds it particularly concerning that so many drivers use their phone for purposes other than speaking.  Texting while driving, or any other uses keeping the driver’s eyes off the road means that their eyes are off the road ahead, which is a clear risk not only to the driver’s own safety but also to other road users.

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