Police preparedness continues

Publication date 14.2.2022 14.33 | Published in English on 14.2.2022 at 14.40
News item

The situation with regard to the threat to the police remains unchanged and police preparations continue. Increased security arrangements are still in place at police stations, which may cause exceptions to normal business practices. Such exceptions may include, for example, security checks when entering police premises.

Police are aware that the current situation and the associated visible security arrangements may be a cause for concern in society. The police take care of the safety of both the police's own staff and customers, and visible security arrangements are part of this.

No further information has been provided to the public on the nature or threat to the police organization nor on who is behind it. There are several reasons for this.

Dealing with matters in public cannot only jeopardize efforts to eliminate the threat, but also undermine the impact of safeguards. In addition, many of the relevant information is unequivocally confidential or secret under the law and its disclosure to the public may result in criminal liability for its disclosures.

If there is a change in the situation, the police will inform about it  immediately. At this stage, however, the situation cannot be described further. 

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