Police series shows everyday patrol life from the Åland Islands to Lapland

Publication date 3.1.2022 11.45
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Lavastettu kuva kahdesta konstaapselista eristämässä rikospaikkaa.
The first episode will introduce patrols from Savonlinna, Turku and Helsinki. In the picture above Mika Leskinen and Mikko Läntinen from Turku.

The latest production season of the Police series tracks the everyday life of the Police across Finland from Mariehamn to Muonio. The documentary television series has been filmed with 11 patrols.

During the 14th production season, each episode will show the everyday life of the police through the shifts of three patrols. Each episode will also take a closer look at one patrol: In the Introduction to the patrol sector, the Police tell about how they work and about each other.

“The production will show an unprecedentedly broad cross section of Finland through the eyes of the Police. The Åland Islands are featured in the series for the first time. Likewise, the fell landscape can be followed during the work of two patrols in Lapland,” says Marko Savolainen, Chief Superintendent at the National Police Board.

The patrols from Kouvola and Raasepori will feature some familiar faces, whereas new patrols will come from Helsinki, Kemi, Mariehamn, Muonio, Oulu, Savonlinna, Turkus, Vaasa and Vantaa. 

Wide range of missions and good encounters will get viewers hooked

The production series was filmed during the summer and autumn of 2021, in the middle of what was an exceptional time due to corona. The spirit of the times has been captured by a corona-related mission at the border and summer celebrations in the park once restrictions had eased.

There are also solutions to surprisingly everyday problems such as rescuing a mobile phone from a car roof as well as more exciting missions such as a suspected explosion. 

“The series shows the work of the Police in all its joys and sorrows. This production season highlights encounters between the Police and people, with many empathic encounters and good discussions between the Police and citizens,” Savolainen  describes. 

The series can be seen on Channel 4 starting on 2 January at 8pm. The first episode will introduce patrols from Savonlinna, Turku and Helsinki.

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