Police to safeguard public order and safety around May Day

Publication date 29.4.2021 12.25
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The police are appealing to the public to follow the instructions and regional restrictions issued by the authorities for the safety of their loved ones, society and themselves, and hope that the police will not have to disband forbidden gatherings on May Day. ”Responsible behaviour starts with us,” says Chief Inspector Vesa Pihajoki from the National Police Board.

Avoid close contact on May Day

Like last year, the police are urging everyone to avoid close contact and public gatherings during this year’s May Day celebrations. 

”The police have the duty to monitor compliance with meeting restrictions and will disband any May Day demonstrations and other large gatherings convening under the Assembly Act,” Vesa Pihajoki says. 

“In areas where gatherings are restricted, organising public meetings, demonstrations and other gatherings is either prohibited or permitted only with significant restrictions on the number of participants. 

People are also recommended to avoid all activities where several people who do not belong to each other’s immediate circle spend time together in one place. 

Although gatherings such as these are not subject to meeting restrictions as they are not subject to the provisions on the freedom of assembly, avoiding all close contact is still strongly recommended. 

The existing restrictions as well as any recommendations issued by the authorities may cause frustration and stress, especially among young people. As a result, people may be tempted not to follow the restrictions and recommendations, the purpose of which is to protect our health safety, especially during events such as May Day,” Pihajoki says.

Police part of the Prime Minister’s Office’s May Day campaign

The police are participating in the May Day communication campaign coordinated by the Prime Minister's Office. The campaign focuses on encouraging people to celebrate May Day in their own ‘bubbles’ and calls for public compliance with regional guidelines and restrictions.

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