Ravitsemisliikkeet noudattaneet hyvin säädöksiä
Restaurants continue to comply with regulations

Publication date 23.3.2021 13.01 | Published in English on 23.3.2021 at 13.07
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Restaurant operators have continued to comply properly with the Covid-19 regulations in force since 8 March 2021.

According to Chief Superintendent Konsta Arvelin of the National Police Board, the Police made over 3,300 restaurant inspections during the second week of controls. As earlier, there was very little to criticise. 

- During the controls of the second week, the Police had to issue one administrative decision, and in case of another restaurant, the Police is still considering whether an administrative decision is in order, he adds.

According to Chief Superintendent Arvelin, some entrepreneurs are still not sure whether their restaurant  is a staff cafeteria or not.  Moreover, in some fast food places, a few customers were found consuming their meals at the table. The personnel has erroneously thought that six persons could stand in queues and eat their food inside the restaurant.

Similarly to the earlier week, most of the violations took place in takeaway places, with the customers remaining inside to eat their meals, or staying too close to the premises or on an outside covered terrace, Chief Superintendent Arvelin says.

The policing measures  mostly included  notices whereby extra persons were asked to leave the premises and the restaurant operator was given a verbal admonition.

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