Start of holiday season – check the validity of your passport or ID card now

Publication date 11.4.2024 14.20
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The approach of the summer holiday season is the right time to look out your passport and ID card and check their validity.

It is advisable to start renewing your passport and identity card electronically at Submitting an electronic application makes it easier and faster to use the services, even if personal services at the police station are needed. When using an electronic application, the fee is also lower. The e-service also informs the applicant if personal services are required.
”If you can’t find a suitable appointment time in the system immediately, it’s advisable to check the appointment times again, for example, the next day. Appointments are added to the service daily and weekly, depending on the police department. It’s also worth remembering that even if the police department is only open for part of the day, it may also offer appointments outside opening hours,” Senior Adviser Mika Hansson points out. 
There are currently no delays in the delivery of travel documents. Depending on the delivery time selected, passports and ID cards can be obtained within 1-8 working days.
Checklist when applying for a travel document:

  1. Before applying for a passport or identity card, find out which travel document you need for your destination. You can travel to EU countries and some other European countries with an ID card.
  2. Have your photograph taken.
  3. Start applying for a passport or identity card online on the website and submit your application electronically.
  4. If a visit to a police station is needed, book an appointment via the website. It is also possible to use services by queuing. 
  5. Remember to cancel your appointment if you are unable to keep it.

“Even with the holiday season in mind, it’s worth remembering that you can visit any police department around Finland. However, it’s advisable to check the opening hours of the offices beforehand online at,” says Senior Adviser Mika Hansson.

If you prefer not to or are unable to apply for a passport or identity card electronically, you can also apply at a police station.

If necessary, the Police Customer Helpline Service can provide advice on booking appointments and other matters on 029 5419 800.

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