Study on the state of police education

Publication date 4.4.2023 10.54
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Police students studying at their desks. In the foreground is a police badge with the police sword logo.

The National Police Board is to launch a study on the development needs of police education. The study will be commissioned from HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management. The study will focus on police degrees (Bachelor of Police Services and Master of Police Services in Finnish and Swedish) and continuing education for police.

The study will be in two phases, with the section on the state of basic education scheduled to complete by 31 August 2023 and the section on the state of continuing education scheduled to complete by 31 January 2024.

Societal changes, new threats and feedback received on police education place new skills requirements on the police. The aim of the study is to assess how well studies for a police degree provide the skills needed in working life and respond to the needs of the development of society.

he study will take account of regional and language needs, diversity and the interest of police graduates in various duties. The persons conducting the study will also assess the selection procedure and criteria from the perspectives of the suitability of potentially different education paths and students for police work. 

The second phase of the study will focus on the current state and development needs of continuing education and skills management. This phase will, for example, assess the need for various career paths. The final report will include development proposals, with potential cost impacts.

The work of the person conducting the study will be supported by a secretariat comprising experts in skills development and police education, with representatives from the Police University College and National Police Board.

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