The threat to the police has eased and preparedness has been lighten

Publication date 15.2.2022 12.14
News item

The threat to the police in recent days has eased, why the police has lighten its preparedness. According to the police's updated assessment of the situation, the police's customer service and other activities can return to the practices that preceded the strengthening of preparedness.

The active clarification of the threat is still ongoing, but the situation is currently not so concrete and acute that it would require the continuation of preparedness measures deviating from day-to-day operations. However, the police continue to monitor the situation actively and, as a security organisation, the police are constantly prepared to respond to even sudden security threats.

The police still cannot elaborate on the nature of the threat to their organisation. Detailed information on preparedness measures is also not available. This is prevented by the provisions of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, which make such information confidential or secret.

The police thank its staff for their responsible conduct and uncompromising performance of their police duties in an exceptional situation. Customers who visited police stations also deserve praise for their patience, as the security measures have slowed down the visiting time.

The police will not give more information about the matter.

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