Vantaa reception point for crime reports to relocate to Tikkurila

Publication date 23.8.2021 8.38
Press release

From 1 September onwards, the Vantaa reception point for crime reports can be found at Ratatie 11 C, which is where police permit services are also located.

The Vantaa reception point for crime reports has to date been located at Rahtitie 1, near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. From 1 September 2021, however, the reception point can be found at the same premises as police permit services, Ratatie 11 C in Tikkurila.

The police service point in Tikkurila is on the sixth floor at the southern end of Dixi next to Tikkurila railway station.

“In terms of transport links, the Tikkurila service point has proved to be such a central place that relocating the reception point for filing crime reports from the airport to the same place as permit services in Dixi next to Tikkurila railway station will make it more convenient for people,” says Detective Chief Superintendent Heidi Niemi at Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

Reception points for crime reports are intended for people to report non-urgent offences. In urgent matters, the emergency number 112 should be used.

”Where someone’s life or health is in danger or if a crime is currently happening, the right thing to do is to call the emergency response centre on 112,” Niemi points out.

The police recommend using the police website at to file non-urgent crime reports. Tip-offs to Eastern Uusimaa police can be emailed at any time to vihjeet.itä-uusimaa(at) or call the tip line on 029 5413 636.

Lost property in Vantaa may be taken to the service point in Tikkurila and to the Rahtitie service point at the airport. Please note that lost property may only be collected from the Rahtitie service point. The opening hours of all police service points can be found on the police website at  

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