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Advisory boards and committees monitor and develop the police’s activities

Advisory boards monitor and develop the activities and operations of the police

The Advisory Board for the Police operates under the Ministry of the Interior. 

The tasks of the Advisory Board include:

  • monitoring the development in the environment affecting the police’s activities and police operations
  • preparing initiatives to develop the activities and operations of the police
  • issuing statements on matters concerning the police
  • handling of other matters referred to it.  

Several employees talking at a table in the boardroom.

The Advisory Board members remain the same for a maximum of four years at a time.

The Advisory Board is appointed by the plenary session of the Government. 

The Advisory Board comprises a chair, a vice chair and a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 19 other members, as well as personal deputy members. The members are appointed from among the staff of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Board, and from among persons representing various citizen groups and key parties relating to the work of the police. 

Board members can be Members of Parliament or other persons appointed by political parties, or representatives of various ministries. A representative of the Association of Finnish Municipalities has contributed a municipal perspective to the Advisory Board. 

Police advisory boards function at the local level at police departments

Local advisory boards of the police monitor and develop the activities and operations of police departments.

The National Police Board determines the number of members in the advisory boards. The municipal council elects the members of the advisory board for the duration of the term of office. Each member has a personal deputy member. The chief of the police department is one of the members of the advisory board.

The advisory boards elect a chair and a vice chair from among their members. Police staff members cannot perform these duties. 

The advisory board for the security sector promotes the security sector in general

The National Police Board is assisted by the advisory board for the security sector.

The tasks of the advisory board include:

  1. promoting cooperation between the authorities and private security service providers;
  2. defining general guidelines for the security sector;
  3. monitoring and promoting international cooperation in the security sector;
  4. following the development of the security sector, training, education and research in the security sector and the relevant guidelines and communication in the sector;
  5. proposing initiatives regarding the security sector;
  6. by request, issuing statements regarding the security sector.

The National Police Board appoints the members of the advisory board. The advisory board must comprise representatives of administrative branches key for the security sector as well as representatives of the business sector, employers, employees and consumers.