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Broadly speaking, cybercrime comprises all crime that happens in information networks or utilises information networks. 

When it comes to crime involving information networks, it is often sorted into cyber-dependent crime and cyber-enabled crime.

This is where we tell you about denial-of-service attacks, data breaches and how to prevent cybercrime by looking after information security. 

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What is cybercrime?

Cyber-dependent crime is directed at information networks and information systems. The crime in question can only be committed by using computers and information networks. Such offences include disruption of information systems (denial-of-service attacks), computer break-ins and damage to data.

Cyber-enabled crimes utilise information networks and information systems in committing a crime. In cyber-enabled crime, offences are more traditional in nature, such as fraud, drug offences or money laundering, but new ways of committing them are enabled by information networks. In other words, information networks enable the committing of the crime in question, but the offence is not directed at an information network or information system.

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Protect your email

There are two important aspects to consider when using email: securing the email account and securing the contents of individual emails.

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