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Demonstrating continued participation in shooting sports

Not all holders of firearm permits have to demonstrate their continued participation in shooting for sports or recreation. You must demonstrate continued participation in shooting sports if your permit is valid until further notice and your intended use is:

  • hunting
  • shooting sports
  • recreational shooting
  • reservist activities (training contributing to military capability)
  • demonstrations, filming and other similar presentations.

and your firearm is:

  • pistol
  • small-calibre pistol
  • revolver
  • small-calibre revolver
  • specially dangerous firearm
  • self-loading single-shot firearm.

In addition, the obligation to demonstrate continued participation applies to you only if you have been granted a permit to possess a short firearm after 12 June 2011 or a specially dangerous firearm or a self-loading single-shot firearm after 14 July 2019.

You must demonstrate continued participation in your activity every 5 years from the date when you acquired the firearm.

Depending on your activity, you can prove this by submitting to the police:

  • a valid hunting card and a certificate of the game management fee paid
  • proof provided by a shooting instructor on active participation in shooting for sports and recreation
  • proof provided by a game management association on active practice of trapping or of catching animals below ground
  • reliable proof of the use of a firearm for the purposes of a demonstration, filming or another similar presentation
  • proof provided by the National Defence Training Association (MPK) of active participation in firearms training contributing to military capability

You may be requested to provide additional information on your activity. 

With fixed-term possession and firearm permits, you must give proof of active participation in an activity when you renew the permit. If you do not renew the permit, it will expire.

Be sure to demonstrate your active participation in a shooting activity

Active participation means that you have practised your activity at least 4 times during the last year (12 months) with the firearm for which you want to prove active use.

Exceptions may be made if you have special reasons why you have not been able to participate in the required number of activities. You must present these special reasons to the police in writing. A special reason may be, for example, an illness or a posting abroad. 

With regard to specially dangerous firearms and self-loading single-shot firearms, instructions on how to demonstrate continued participation will be provided later on. As these obligations were imposed by the 2019 amendment to the Firearms Act, you will not have to demonstrate continued activity with these types of firearms until 2024.

As a permit holder, you are responsible for submitting proof of your continued activity to the police.

If you apply for a new firearm permit or renew your fixed-term possession or firearm permit, the activity you have demonstrated for the application will also be recognised for your previous permit. This leads to a situation where you have to provide an account of your continued activity once every five years. However, recognition only applies to the types of firearms whose permit corresponds to the proof of activity which you attach to the application for a new permit. For example, proof of activity submitted for a permit to acquire a revolver is not recognised for a rifle permit.

You don’t have to demonstrate continued activity for each firearm separately. For example, if you have permits for several pistols and revolvers granted on the basis of shooting sports, you will only need to present proof once. 

Report the continuation of a recreational activity electronically

You can submit an online notification of the continuation of shooting sports at without visiting a police station to do so. In most cases, notification through online services is enough. After notification, you will receive further instructions if anything else is required.

If your interaction requires or you want to visit a police station, make an appointment beforehand through the service. You can find the contact information of police stations at Contact information - Police (

Notification is free.

You can find PDF forms (Ase 06 fi and Ase 07 fi) at Lomakkeet - Poliisi (in Finnish). 

Download and print the Firearms up to date poster (in Finnish)

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