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Equality and non-discrimination

Police work is guided by legislation, and values and the ethical code form the basis for equality and non-discrimination.   

We treat both our customers and our colleagues equally, irrespective of their personal characteristics or background. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment on any grounds in our work community and any issues will be dealt with immediately.

The strength of the police lies in different backgrounds and competencies

Persons from all population groups are encouraged to join the police force, and welcome to do so. Equality and non-discrimination are observed from the very beginning of police education. The themes taught are primarily viewed through ethical principles. 

For the police, people from different backgrounds with a wide range of competencies are a great strength. We have no duties restricted for a certain gender only, or positions that could not be reached by being personally active, motivated and professional. We encourage everyone to develop in their work and participate in training activities. We want to make the most of our staff members’ competencies, including their previously acquired expertise. With us, everyone, regardless of their title, position or task, contributes to maintaining a good working atmosphere and making the workplease pleasant for all. 

Continuous monitoring and development to promote equality

The police has a national working group tasked with handling, monitoring and developing equality and non-discrimination issues nationwide within the police. 

The working group has prepared a national equality and non-discrimination plan for the police.

The plan defines the objectives for the next few years and includes the measures taken within the police administration to promote equality and non-discrimination.

The Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan for the Finnish Police 2021–2023 was confirmed in May 2021.

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