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Ethical Code for the Police

Ethical Code for the police is one of the elements of good corporate governance. The police’s Ethical Code consists of eight principles that derive from our values. Even routine police work can present officers with situations that require them to make difficult choices on the spot. Our Ethical Code is designed to guide us in these choices and thereby promote better corporate governance and build public trust in the police. 

"Our Ethical Code does not give clear solutions to individual conflicts or tell us how to act in a certain situation. Instead, it makes us more aware of our rights and responsibilities as members of our community. It reflects our values and helps to translate them into practice. Our Ethical Code guides every aspect of police work and every decision and choice we make in our professional capacity."

Deputy Police Chief Heidi Nuoritalo, Häme Police Department

The Ethical Code for the police is designed to reinforce and complement our code of conduct. The key is for every one of us to embrace these ethical principles and apply them in our work. The leadership’s role is to help the organisation to achieve its goals and set an example by their own actions. 

Ethics are built into the basic training of police officers

According to Himberg, ethics are at the core of police training and one of the horizontal themes of the basic training course.

"The police’s duty to protect fundamental rights, fairness, and knowing and respecting the limits to the police’s powers; these principles are enshrined in the Police Act and incorporated into every aspect of training."

Kimmo Himberg, Director of the Police University College

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