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Auctions organized by the Firearms Administration

A police officer examines an unfolded shotgun.

The police sell at a public auction, on behalf of the owner, a firearm and firearm component which are in the possession of the police under a decision on taking of possession, and which have not been handed over to the holder of a relevant permit. 

The police shall also sell at a public auction, on behalf of the owner, a firearm if the owner of the firearm does not hold a permit for the possession of the firearm in question, or if the firearm is not rendered permanently unfit for use. 

Account will be rendered for the share of the selling price that exceeds the costs arising from handling the object. Any items not sold at auction will be transferred to State ownership without redemption.

The address of auctions organized by National Police Board Firearms Administration is Konepajankatu 2, Riihimäki (entrance via the inner courtyard).

Auctions organized by the Firearms Administration in 2022

  • Wednesday, 16 March 2022

  • Thursday, 5 May 2022

  • Tuesday, 14 June 2022

  • Thursday, 1 September 2022

  • Wednesday, 12 October 2022

  • Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Admission and registration

Persons, companies and organizations entitled to acquire a firearm or firearm component may participate in the auction. Advance registration for the auction is required. The bulletin concerning the auction, and lists of firearms to be sold at the auction will be published as a news item on this page, approximately one month before the auction. Changes to the lists of firearms are possible. The lists will not be distributed at the auction event. 

Only persons having registered in advance and who can present an official document to prove their identity, that is, a valid passport or identity card, and a permit authorising them to make purchases (a driving licence is not sufficient) will be allowed to enter the auction premises. Weapons collectors must present their approval as a weapons collector in addition to an official identification document and a permit authorising to make purchases. A representative of firearms trade must present an official identification document, a firearm licence and a trade permit for dealing in firearms.

The police will check the aforementioned documents at the gate leading to the inner courtyard prior to admission to the premises. After that, participants must register at the registration desk as being present at the auction. In connection with the registration, the personal details and documents entitling the holder to make purchases must be presented again. Information of the documents will be entered in the list of buyers and a sign indicating the buyer’s number will be issued. After registration, participants may examine the items listed for sale at the auction. 

Auction procedure

The terms and conditions of the auction are appended to this page. 

The upset price of an item to be auctioned is EUR 50. Bids for items on firearm list 1 must be made verbally, in a clear voice, while holding up the number sign that was issued when registering for the auction. In order for items on firearm list 2 to come up for auction, at least one buyer must make a binding bid of EUR 50. The binding bid must be made while the items are viewed before the auction begins. The items on firearm list 2 for which an advance bid has been made will be auctioned following the same procedure as for items on firearm list 1.

Payment of auction price and handing over of items

The items bought at the auction must be paid for and removed from the premises on the day of the auction. Only card payments with the most common payment cards will be accepted at the auction (no cash payments). When the auction has been closed, items will no longer be handed over. 

The firearms will only be sold and handed over to the permit holder, not to an authorised representative by proxy. Items sold to private individuals or weapons collectors will only be handed over against a valid permit entitling the holder to make purchases.  The original permit must be presented. Purchasing a firearm component is an exception to the rule: the person must present the permit entitling to possess/possession permit to the firearm to which the firearm component bought will be attached.

Actual sale prices

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 5th May 2022 (PDF file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 16 March 2022 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 15 December 2021 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 2 November 2021 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 23 September 2021 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices, firearm auction 11 August 2021 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

Actual sale prices by item in 2019–2020 (Excel file, only in Finnish)

The weapon lists do not meet accessibility requirements. They are prints directly from the current weapons information system. At the time of the introduction of the weapons information system, accessibility was not required. Accessibility has been taken into account in the development of the new weapons information system.