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The gambling system in Finland

Gambling is a special type of lottery that may cause serious harm. The possibility of winning money makes it more appealing to people than other lotteries. 

According to the policy adopted in Finland, raising funds by exploiting people’s desire to gamble is only permitted to a limited degree, and only for the purpose of raising funds for non-profit causes.

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The gambling system blocks misuse and crimes

The objective of the Finnish system of gambling is to guarantee the rights of people who participate in lotteries and to prevent abuse and crime associated with lotteries. 

The system also aims to prevent the economic, social and health-related harm that participation in lotteries may cause.

In mainland Finland, only Veikkaus Oy is allowed to run gambling operations. Veikkaus Oy is a wholly state-owned limited company. The most important single act on gambling is the Lotteries Act. It lays down provisions on how a company with an exclusive right to provide gambling services should operate. A gambling company has an obligation to operate gambling so as to:

  • guarantee the legal rights of the individuals who participate in gambling
  • prevent abuse and crime
  • prevent the economic, social and health-related harm that gambling may cause.

Proceeds from gambling are used to promote sports and physical education, science, the arts, youth work, health and social welfare, horse breeding and equestrian sports in Finland.

Gambling policy falls under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior.