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National Contact Point

According to the EU Regulation 2019/1148 and the Act on the Marketing and Use of Explosives Precursors (73/2021), each EU Member State shall designate a National Contact Point for the reporting of suspicious transactions, significant disappearances and thefts relating to explosives precursors. In Finland, the National Contact Point is the National Bureau of Investigation.

Pursuant to the Act on the Marketing and Use of Explosives Precursors, a report to the National Contact Point must be made of:

a) suspicious transactions

Suspicious transactions concerning the substances or mixtures that include those substances or substances, listed in the Annexes of the EU Regulation, must be reported to the National Contact Point without undue delay, in case they exceed the limit value specified in the Annex. In addition to consumers, operators of trade, business or profession are subject to the reporting obligation. The report is made by sending the form below to the National Contact Point.

The obligation to report suspicious transactions concerns the following substances:

  1. hydrogen peroxide 
  2. nitromethane 
  3. nitric acid 
  4. potassium chlorate 
  5. potassium perchlorate 
  6. sodium chlorate 
  7. sodium perchlorate 
  8. hexamine 
  9. sulphuric acid 
  10. acetone 
  11. potassium nitrate 
  12. sodium nitrate 
  13. calcium nitrate 
  14. calcium ammonium nitrate
  15. ammonium nitrate 

The reporting obligation applies to all of the aforementioned substances, and parties handling these substances, regardless of concentration.

Economic operators may reserve the right to refuse a transaction. If possible, the identity of the customer must be reported, if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the intended transaction, which concerns one or several substances or a mixture or substance including them, listed in the Annexes, may be a suspicious transaction, considering all circumstances and particularly, if the potential customer

  • appears unclear about the intended use of the substance or mixture;
  • is unfamiliar with the intended use of the substance or mixture or cannot plausibly explain it;
  • intends to buy the substances in quantities, combinations or concentrations uncommon for private use;
  • is unwilling to provide proof of identity or place of residence; or
  • insists on using unusual methods of payment, including large amounts of cash.

b) disappearances or thefts 

All property offences relating to explosives precursors must be reported to the local police station. In the report, the recipient must be informed about the fact that the substance in question is an explosives precursor pursuant to the abovementioned Act. Significant disappearances and thefts must be reported to the National Contact Point.

Significant disappearances and thefts in other EU Member States of substances listed in the Annexes, and mixtures or substances including these substances, must be reported to the National Contact Point of the Member State in which the disappearance or theft took place.

Details of Finland’s National Contact Point:

National Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Intelligence Division
Email: lahtoaine.krp@poliisi.fi 
Telephone +358 50 417 7229

The police will check the information sent on weekdays, during office hours from 08:00 to 16:00.

If you require urgent assistance by the police, dial the emergency number 112.

Crime reports cannot be accepted by the National Contact Point.