Explosives Precursor Licence

Explosives Precursor Licence

The EU regulation on explosive precursors limits consumers’ ability to freely attain chemicals that may be misused to produce explosives.

Private persons must apply for a licence from the National Police Board to purchase explosives precursors. 

The licence process only applies to private persons. Stores selling these substances need not apply for a licence to purchase them.

From 1.2.2021, the following chemicals and their concentrations shall be considered as starting materials for explosives:

The following chemicals and their concentrations are regarded as explosives precursors:

  • hydrogen peroxide (CAS RN 7722-84-1) 12% w/w
  • nitromethane (CAS RN 75-52-5) 30% w/w
  • nitric acid (CAS RN 7697-37-2) 3% w/w
  • potassium chlorate (CAS RN 3811-04-9) 40% w/w
  • potassium perchlorate (CAS RN 7778-74-7) 40% w/w
  • sodium chlorate (CAS RN 7775-09-9) 40% w/w 
  • sodium perchlorate (CAS RN 7601-89-0) 40% w/w

Proceed as follows

Submit an application (in Finnish)

Indicate in the application the maximum desired w/w. Explain the purpose of use in detail. The licence can only be granted for a justified purpose of use.

In addition, take into consideration the possibility to use mixtures milder than the limit value, for example, as well as any recommendations concerning the use of the precursors.