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Online tip-off form

Have you noticed suspicious activity on the internet? Do you suspect that something you saw may be related to an offence? Have you encountered suspicious content or material?

You can leave a tip for the police about a non-urgent matter. The police will check the tips during office hours.

When in need of urgent assistance, call the emergency number 112.

A tip is not a report of an offence or an administrative advisory service

Please do not use this form to report criminal offences. Criminal offences can be reported using our online crime report form

Please complete at least the fields marked with an asterisk (*). Sessions time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

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Observations about information security breaches

An information security breach is a situation where the confidentiality, availability or integrity of a private person’s, company’s or organization’s data is compromised.

An information security breach can mean, for example,

  1. information technology offences, such as cyber-attacks, malware, data breaches or phishing email messages
  2. a security loophole in a network service, endangering, for example, the confidential processing of personal data.

Observations about narcotics

A narcotics offence means

  1. the production or attempt to produce a narcotic, and cultivation of the khat plant (Catha edulis) or Psilocybe mushroom or the attempt to do so
  2. cultivating opium poppy, hemp or cactus plants containing Mescaline, or the attempt to do so, for use as narcotics or ingredient for narcotics or in the manufacturing or production of narcotics
  3. the import or export of a narcotic or the attempt to do so as well as transporting or having transported a narcotic or the attempt to do so
  4. the sales, supplying or providing a narcotic to another or otherwise distributing narcotics, or the attempt to do so
  5. possession of a narcotic or attempt to buy a narcotic.

Racially motivated crime and discrimination

In general terms, hate crime is a crime motivated by prejudice or hostility towards the victim’s ethnic or national origin. A hate crime may also be targeted at members of the majority population.

Hate crimes refer to incidents and offences that target a person or property and are motivated by

  • race
  • skin colour
  • origin
  • national or ethnic origin
  • religion or beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • disability
  • other motive comparable to the ones mentioned above.


The hate crime may also target, for example, individuals who work or interact socially with minorities.

For instance, discrimination based on racist motives, menace, assault, criminal mischief or ethnic agitation may constitute hate crime.

Violent extremism and terrorism

Extremism-based violence is committed, forms the basis of a threat, or is justified or encouraged, on the basis of ideology. Such an ideology may be political or based on a religious conviction or another world view. Examples of extremist violence include acts of violence committed by the extreme political right or left wing, violence justified by religion, and acts based on misanthropy, including some types of mass murder. Terrorist offences are defined in the Criminal Code (Chapter 34(a) of the Criminal Code). Use this form to submit any non-urgent information on possible terrorist activities to the police.

Observations about violence

An illegal threat refers to a situation where a person threatens someone with, for example, violence or another crime. A threatened person has reason to be afraid that his/her own or another person’s safety or property is in serious danger.

Violence in close relationships, for example, can involve threatening with violence or stalking. Fear can prevent the victim from notifying the police.

Other security threat

Other significant security threat reported to the police that isn’t included in the above.

Observations about fraud

When committing fraud, the perpetrator benefits financially from defrauding another person. Fraud is also possible by distorting an information system’s data to obtain financial benefits. There are numerous kinds of fraud offences. Typical fraud types at the moment are various email scams or managing director scams in companies.

Observations about corruption

The core areas of corruption are corruption offences of officeholders and businesses, mentioned in the Criminal Code. A corruption offence can be committed just by promising or offering an unjustified benefit (bribe). Typical corruption offences also include various abusive actions related to position or special responsibility that aim to obtain unjustified benefits.

Illegal gambling marketing

Only Veikkaus Oy is allowed to market gambling services in mainland Finland. All other marketing of gambling services is prohibited and subject to punishment as a gambling offence. Marketing refers to any commercial practice aimed at promoting the demand for gambling or the visibility of the party providing gambling services. All types of activities promoting unauthorised gambling are illegal.

Practices of Veikkaus Oy or an agent that violate money laundering laws

According to the Finnish Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (444/2017), Veikkaus Oy and its agents must verify the identity of their customers whenever a new customer account is set up or if an individual transaction appears suspicious. They also need to check each customer’s ID either when the customer places their bet or collects their winnings, or in connection with both transactions if the customer’s bet or winnings amount to at least EUR 2,000 in total in a single transaction or multiple interconnected transactions.

Veikkaus Oy and its agents have a legal obligation to report all suspicious transactions and suspected cases of terrorist financing.

Please let the National Police Board know if you see Veikkaus Oy or one of its agents neglecting their legal obligations or violating the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing otherwise. Always notify the Police if you see, for example, a customer spending at least EUR 2,000 on games operated by Veikkaus Oy or if there is something suspicious about the customer’s gambling activity but the agent fails to verify the customer’s identity.

For more information about money laundering, see the National Bureau of Investigation’s website. 

Sexual offences against children

A sexual act targeted at a person under 16 years of age, damaging the child’s development, is sexual abuse of a child. It is also forbidden to have sexual intercourse with a child less than 16 years of age. Sex offences towards children often take place on the internet or through it. A sex offence can include, for example, sending pictures and videos with sexual content or asking for them.

Contact information

The contact information you provide will be handled as confidential. Please leave your contact information so that the police can ask for additional information if necessary.

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Privacy statement - Crime tip page

The processing of personal data in relation to the crime tip system is included in the Privacy statement under the title Personal data processing to prevent or expose crime.