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  • Police carried out an intensive 48-hour control operation of heavy vehicle traffic

    20.5.2024 13.49

    The police carried out an intensive control operation of heavy vehicle traffic from 6pm on Tuesday 14 until 6pm on Thursday 16 May. All police departments took part in the operation. During the...

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  • The Helsinki Police Department will lead the joint exercise

    20.5.2024 10.23

    Joint exercise between the Police of Finland, the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Defence Forces will be held in the Uusimaa region from May 20 to May 22, 2024. Exercise locations include,...

    Helsinki Police Department Law enforcement and response Helsinki Kirkkonummi Espoo News public order Helsinki Police Department Western Uusimaa Police Department
  • The Helsinki police will exceptionally serve passport and identity card customers over the weekend

    20.5.2024 9.30

    The quickest way to get a new passport or identity card is to complete the application online and identify yourself at a police department if required.

    Helsinki Police Department Licence services Helsinki News permits identity documents passports identification cards
  • National Police Board: Effigy of Turkish President should not have been seized

    17.5.2024 13.41

    The National Police Board of Finland has taken a stand on the actions of the police in a demonstration. Under the Board’s decision, Helsinki Police Department had no right to pre-emptively seize an...

    Law enforcement and response National Police Board News demonstrations public order control of legality National Police Board
  • A massive search and arrest operation in Spain – two persons suspected of drug trafficking to Finland

    17.5.2024 10.05

    Spanish law enforcement authorities carried out an operation in which two persons targeted by the Finnish Police were also arrested. Spain authorities released information about the operation...

    The National Bureau of Investigation Offences and criminal investigation News crimes preliminary investigation criminal procedure trial drug offences criminal cases The National Bureau of Investigation trial
  • Firearms rendered unfit for use must be registered by 15 July 2024

    17.5.2024 9.00

    The Firearms Act also requires the registration, i.e. reporting to the police, of firearms that have been rendered permanently unfit for use or deactivated. The deadline for notification is 15 July...

    National Police Board Licence services News Front page top news permits firearms National Police Board estates of deceased persons
  • The Police Museum celebrates 20th anniversary

    15.5.2024 9.00

    The Police Museum was established in May 2004 in conjunction with the then National Police School in Tampere. The museum celebrates its 20th anniversary in many different ways. This includes...

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  • The Police intensify surveillance of pickpockets in Helsinki's tourist areas

    14.5.2024 12.47

    According to police statistics, there has been a significant number of pickpocketing incidents targeting tourists in Helsinki since the beginning of the year. Pickpocketing occurs most frequently...

    Helsinki Police Department Law enforcement and response Offences and criminal investigation Preventive Police Work Helsinki News public order criminal cases Helsinki Police Department
  • Police investigate extensive data breach in Helsinki City’s computer network

    13.5.2024 14.26

    According to police information, the City of Helsinki’s computer network was breached during the night of 30 April 2024. The police are currently investigating the case as an aggravated computer...

    Helsinki Police Department Offences and criminal investigation Helsinki News criminal cases Helsinki Police Department
  • Summer brings changes to some licence and police services of Western Uusimaa Police Department

    6.5.2024 10.59

    Partially restricted opening hours will apply to licence and police services at Western Uusimaa Police Department between June and August. However, services will be available at a police station...

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  • Police intervened in violation of pedestrian crossing rules and unlawful riding on the pavement

    30.4.2024 15.16

    Last week from 22-26 April, the police controlled the safety in traffic of vulnerable road users nationwide. Failure to comply with pedestrian crossing rules resulted in 239 operators of motorised...

    Traffic National Police Board News organisations traffic pedestrian crossings National Police Board
  • Parades cause disruptions to traffic on May Day

    30.4.2024 10.12

    On May Day 1.5., traditional events will affect traffic in the heart of Helsinki. Thousands of people are expected to take part in the parades.

    Traffic Helsinki Helsinki Police Department News Helsinki Police Department May Day
  • Helsinki Police to actively monitor trouble spots this spring

    29.4.2024 15.50

    The Helsinki Police will intensively monitor crime-prone and disturbance-prone areas from April 29 to May 19, 2024, in the city center as well as in metro and train transportation.

    Helsinki Police Department Law enforcement and response Preventive Police Work Helsinki Type of current news News public order Helsinki Police Department
  • Apply for a firearms permit in well before the summer and autumn hunting season

    29.4.2024 15.00

    Ensure the start of the autumn hunting season and apply for a firearms permit now, before the summer. You can initiate your application for a firearms permit through the police e-services. However,...

    Licence services National Police Board News permits National Police Board firearm licences and permits hunting permits
  • Police heavy goods vehicle professionals their skills for real in Central Finland

    26.4.2024 13.54

    The police carried out intensified control of heavy goods vehicles in Central Finland on 23–25 April 2024 as part of a police training week. During the control days, 240 heavy vehicles were inspected.

    National Police Board Traffic News organisations traffic heavy transport education and training National Police Board
  • Police to ensure safe May Day celebrations in Helsinki

    25.4.2024 12.23

    The police will have a visible presence in the capital on 30 April – 1 May 2024 to ensure safe May Day celebrations.

    Helsinki Police Department Law enforcement and response Uusimaa Helsinki News events processes Helsinki Police Department
  • Great sets of wheels at the Police Museum – new special exhibition presents police vehicles

    25.4.2024 10.25

    In the special exhibition “Marias and Mörkös”, vehicles on display include the world’s fastest police motorcycle and police cars from various decades.

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  • Police warn of challenge circulating on TikTok

    23.4.2024 16.27

    Police are aware of a challenge circulating on TikTok urging children and teenagers to take edged weapons with them to school.

    National Police Board Preventive Police Work News social media National Police Board
  • Police had to take away licences from 47 young drivers in intensive control at the weekend

    23.4.2024 13.22

    In an intensive speed and driving behaviour control during the weekend of 19-21 April 2024, the focus of enforcement was on driving speeds and particularly on the behaviour of young people in...

    Traffic National Police Board News organisations traffic young people National Police Board speeding
  • Police to control compliance with pedestrian crossing rules and the behaviour in traffic of cyclists and e-scooter users

    19.4.2024 14.55

    The police will hold an intensive control campaign at pedestrian crossings from Monday to Friday in week 17. The police will also control how vulnerable users such as e-scooter users and cyclists...

    Traffic National Police Board News organisations traffic young people pedestrian crossings National Police Board