Organisaatio ja johto Länsi-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos hero

The organization of Western Uusimaa Police Department

The police in Western Uusimaa is responsible for ensuring public order and safety, preventing crimes and disturbance. They also do crime investigation and consideration of charges.

Our lisence services provides help in applying travel documents and official id-cards. We also issue and supervise lisences which have to do with firearms and private security field.

Police Commissioner Timo Saarinen is leading the Police Station with the help of Deputy Commissioners Kimmo Markkula and Jarmo Pitkämäki, along the executive board of the Police Station.

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Länsi-Uudenmaan poliisilaitoksen organisaatio ja johto otsikko gallerialle en

Administration and Supreme command of the Western Uusimaa Police Department

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Länsi-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos työpaikkana

Western Uusimaa Police Department as a workplace

In our work community we have approx. 550 skilled workers, of which 450 are police officers. We also have experts working for us from fields of law, finance, HR, administration and communication. We offer opportunities also for students who are studying in the university.

We have four Police Stations: Our main Espoo Police Station and also Kirkkonummi, Lohja and Raasepori Police Stations. We work in a developing environment including a historically and culturally rich unity consisting of 10 municipalities. Our working partners are in addition of municipalities, the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department, Finnish Border Guard and The Finnish Defence Forces. We work daily with our neighbour police departments and the Emergency Center.

At the Police Station we honour traditions and each other. We also improve our working policy and value our personnels wellbeing as well as public relations. 

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