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Processing of requests for research permits

The competent authority may, while reviewing a request for a research permit, ask the applicant to provide more information to help with the decision-making process. The police also has an internal consultation procedure that can be used to evaluate the appropriateness of requests and whether any special terms and conditions need to be imposed.

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Leave your request in time

The time it takes to process an individual request for a research permit depends on, for example, the proposed information gathering methods, the scope of the request and the number of other requests waiting to be reviewed. Please take processing times into account when submitting your request. 

Requests that meet the formal requirements and contain all the necessary information and supporting documents are faster to process. 

Research permits are issued for a limited time only and only cover the purposes specified in the request and the research plan. All terms and conditions, restrictions and obligations that the competent authority deems necessary will be recorded in the permit. 

Depending on the subject matter and the data to which access is given, the competent authority may ask the applicant to submit the final research report for classification and regulatory compliance checks before publication.

Grounds for denying requests

The competent authority can deny a request for a research permit if

  • the request does not contain all the necessary information,
  • the proposed project does not satisfy the criteria of scientific research,
  • the applicant has not provided enough information for the competent authority to be able to make a decision, or 
  • the competent authority deems the request inappropriate for some other reason. 
  • The competent authority can also attach conditions to permits or deny parts of applicants’ requests. 

Decisions on requests for research permits can be appealed to the applicant’s local Administrative Court as provided for in the Administrative Procedure Act. The decision and any appendices to the decision are sent to the applicant in writing by email or by post.

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Find out more about processing times 

As a rule, the police processes requests for research permits on a first-come, first-served basis. Draw up your request carefully and attach all the required supporting documents. Incomplete application forms or missing supporting documents will delay the processing of your request. 

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