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Recommended decisions 

If a player and the gambling company disagree on a payout, the player can request the National Police Board for a recommended decision. The National Police Board will provide its recommendation on how the dispute should be resolved. Recommended decisions are issued to players free of charge.

The National Police Board will usually need 4 to 6 months to make the recommended decision.

A recommended decision is not the only possible action in cases where there is a dispute between a player and the gambling company. In addition to recommended decisions, the National Police Board can issue opinions in cases where, for example, the dispute does not concern payouts.

An opinion issued by the National Police Board presents its interpretation of the dispute and offers advice to the licence authorities and other parties on matters that fall within its authority. These opinions may be sought by private individuals, organisations and other authorities.

The National Police Board requires the gambling company to publish the decisions where payment to the customer has been recommended.

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Request a recommended decision

Request a recommended decision in writing from the National Police Board. Fill in the application form and send it by email or by post to the National Police Board. You can find the form and contact details at the end of this page.

You must request the recommended decision in writing from the National Police Board within 30 days of:

  • the results of a money lottery having been confirmed or of the last date of sale marked on a money lottery ticket
  • the results of a betting, pools or totalisator betting game having been confirmed in accordance with the rules of play
  • you having obtained a result that entitles you to a win in a slot machine, special slot machine or casino game
  • you having obtained a result in a combination game that entitles you to a win in accordance with the rules of play. 

The date when the results were confirmed, the last date of sale or the date when you obtained the result are not considered when calculating the deadline. 

Your application must include the following details:

  • the applicant’s name and address
  • the game subject to the dispute
  • the result of the game or the round
  • the grounds for the application.

Provide as much detailed information as possible on the game or round. You should enclose the disputed ticket or receipt or a copy of it, if at all possible.  

Recommended decision application form 

Veikkaus Oy’s guidance on requesting a recommended decision or compensation

Contact information for the National Police Board

Postal address:

National Police Board
Gambling Administration
PO Box 50
11101 Riihimäki


+358 295 480 181 (National Police Board switchboard) 

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Recommended decision forms in Finnish and Swedish


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