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Requesting a research permit

Permission to use the police’s records for research purposes can be granted by an individual police department, the National Police Board, the National Bureau of Investigation or the Police University College. It is always best to approach the police unit whose documents, data or staff you wish to study directly.

As a rule, requests that relate to data held in the police’s national personal data files or documents that have been drawn up by the National Police Board or that are in the National Police Board’s possession as well as requests that relate to documents, data or staff of multiple police departments are usually handled by the National Police Board.



An application form is available on our website

A template for requesting a research permit can be found on the Poliisi.fi website. Fill in the application form carefully, print it out and sign it. Also sign the non-disclosure agreement. Your application must be accompanied by a research plan explaining the scientific justifications for using the data and any other information that the police may need to process the request.

Once you have signed the application form, send the form and your supporting documents to the registry of the police unit whose data you wish to access. You can send your request by email or by post. Please make sure that you use a secure mail server to submit your documents. Contact details for individual police units can be found, for example, on the Poliisi.fi website (link to contact information).

The process

The process of requesting a research permit from the police is as follows:

  • The process begins with the applicant submitting their request and any necessary supporting documents to the competent authority.
  • The competent authority reviews the request and, if necessary, asks the applicant for more information. As a rule, applicants are only given one opportunity to supplement their request.
  • The competent authority prepares the permit with the help of an internal round of consultations, if necessary.
  • A formal decision, including the terms and conditions of the permit, is drawn up.
  • The decision is communicated to the applicant.
  • The applicant requests access to information and documents as specified in the research permit.
  • The applicant and the source of the documents agree on expenses.
  • The information is retrieved and supplied to the applicant.

An application form on the Forms -page (TO 07 en - Application for research permit)

Contact details for individual police units

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Application and supporting documents

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