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Aged friends rejoice and bang their fists together at the coffee table.

Think twice and avoid online scams

Criminals operating in the digital environment are skilled and clever. By thinking twice, we can stop them before the worst happens. So let’s get down to it and see the rules below. The videos are in Finnish and Swedish, but their content is set out in English on this web page.

The videos are available in Finnish and Swedish. The content of the videos can be found in English on this page. If the videos do not appear on the website, you can watch them on the police's Youtube channel.

Rule number 1: True love does not need bank transfers

Romance scammers ruthlessly exploit people’s natural desire for company or need to find a partner in life. A tip for you to spot a romance scammer: They will always bring up money at some point. Even if you had strong feelings for them, use common sense and do not give money or valuable information to your online sweetheart.

Rule number 2: Be patient when it comes to money

Be alert if you are asked for money or valuable information. Online scams usually start with a message asking you to enter your valuable information via a link in the message. But remember to not log in with your online banking passwords, or give any credit card details or personal data, via the link in the message. Only use the official website or application of the service provider for sharing sensitive information online.

Rule number 3: Scammers have big emotions, stories and wins

Online scams are filled with emotions and big money. Make a small decision with big consequences: Do not reply to messages telling you emotional stories or promising you big wins. 

Rule number 4: Scammers keep it simple, luckily you are smart

Online scammers seek inspiration from current phenomena and peak seasons. Although their stories change along with time, their logic remains the same. They simply want your money or valuable information. You can prevent online scams by being alert to especially one thing: to not share your valuable information with others.

Rule number 5: There is no reason to be ashamed

If you have become a victim of a scam, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not the only one, but unfortunately so many people have been in that same situation. If a scammer has managed to get hold of your money or banking details, contact your bank immediately. After that you have time to report the crime to the police. See police instructions for victims of fraud.

Ennakoija-kampanjasivu / Oikea palsta, infolaatikko

Information about the campaign

This campaign is part of a project financed by the Ministry of the Interior. The project aims to improve the ability of elderly people, in particular, to identify and avoid online scams. It is carried out in cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior, the National Police Board, and the National Bureau of Investigation.