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Renting official police clothing

Renting official police clothing

Permission to wear official police clothing can be granted for film and television productions, theatre performances and for other similar purposes. Permission to rent or wear official police clothing can be granted if the conditions are satisfied and the use of the official clothing is described in detail in the permit application. An important condition is that the official clothing is worn in a dignified manner.

Provisions on official police clothing and use thereof are laid down in the Police Act. Outside of renting, official police clothing may be worn only by police officers and guards working within the police.

The use of official clothing is strictly regulated, as official clothing is an important way of identifying the police. For this reason, the use of official police clothing is tightly controlled. The unauthorised wearing of police uniform and illegal impersonation of a police officer are criminalised acts.

Renting official police clothing for film use

Police uniforms can be rented for film use from the police uniform supplier Image Wear Oy for the duration of a valid contract period.

An application for a rental permit, including relevant enclosures, must be submitted to the police department of the area in which the filming will take place. Uniforms are not delivered to customers until the permit decision granted by the police department is valid. If filming is carried out in more than one police department area, a permit must be applied for from each police department separately. 

The basic prices indicated on the rental forms as well as a fee based on the rental period are charged for renting items of official police clothing. Identification insignia which are part of an item of official police clothing are included in the rental price. The prices are based on the Ministry of the Interior’s Decree on Police Service Charges. 

Items that can be rented are available from the list of items maintained by Image Wear. Since 2014, uniforms worn by the police have been available on the list of items. A limited number of clothing items used during the 1990s are also available from the supplier’s stockroom. You can ask the contact persons below about these separately.

Rental contact persons


Ministry of the Interior’s Decree on Police Uniform (in Finnish)

Police Act 872/2011 in Finlex (in Finnish)