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Police values

Values are something that we consider important, that guide the choices we make in everyday work. Our values are customer service, fairness, professionalism and staff welfare.

Customer service

The police provide basic security for all citizens. We serve our customers and customer satisfaction is one of our key indicators. 


The police are reliable and incorruptible. We set an example to others, both on duty and in our private lives. We treat everyone impartially and equally. 


The operating environment of the police, and the operating methods we use change constantly and continuous learning is the prerequisite for work performance. Everyone’s contribution matters in the work community. 

Staff welfare

Motivated and well-being staff members achieve results. Everyone contributes to achieving a positive and encouraging atmosphere, working together, and ensuring our personal capacity to work. We value our colleagues. Management is professional. 

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On the shore of the lake, two police officers in overalls look out over the lake. The sun is setting, surrounded by summer nature.