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Toimimme koko Suomessa en

We operate everywhere in Finland

The Finnish Government steers the operations of the police. The steering is implemented through the goals of the Government Programme as well as the Government Resolutions. The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for steering and monitoring our organisation. The police's operations are always based on the law.

Our organisation is two-tiered. The National Police Board, which operates under the Ministry of the Interior, guides and directs police operations. The police departments and national police units operate directly under the National Police Board. The National Police Board is responsible for the performance management of police units.


National police units

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Police University College are national police units. 

The National Bureau of Investigation is tasked with combating international, organised, professional, financial and other serious crime, investigate offences and develop crime prevention and criminal investigation methods. 

The Police University College, located in Tampere, is responsible for police education recruitment and student selection, police education leading to a degree, leadership training, continuing education as well as research and development activities in the field of policing.

Local police

The local police service consists of 11 police departments. The local police service network includes the main police station as well as the other police stations, the police’s service points and joint service points.

The duties of local police include 

  • maintaining public order and safety
  • preventing crime
  • investigating offences and other incidents that pose a risk to public order or safety
  • directing and monitoring traffic  
  • promoting traffic safety 
  • carrying out other duties assigned to the police or prescribed by law.

The licence services of the police are an integral part of police activities; they are related to the maintenance of public order and safety, crime prevention and promotion of traffic safety.

The Emergency Response Centre takes care of calls for assistance in case of emergency

In Finland, emergency service dispatching has been centralised to the joint Emergency Response Centres of the police, rescue services as well as social and health care services. The Emergency Response Centre receives all calls for assistance in case of emergencies and dispatches the necessary authorities. 

If you need urgent assistance by the police, call the emergency number 112.