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Kuka saa markkinoida? EN

Who is allowed to market?

In Finland, only Veikkaus Oy is allowed to provide gambling services.  The gambling company is allowed to market itself and its gambling services as long as the marketing does not promote gambling that results in social and health-related problems. The marketing must also steer the demand for gambling towards legal forms of gambling.

Marketing communications must be identifiable as marketing and must clearly indicate that the marketing has been carried out by the gambling company. For example, food shops, kiosks or restaurants do not have an independent right to market gambling services even if they have an agent agreement with the gambling company. The marketing of gambling services is also subject to other restrictions that aim to reduce the harm they cause.

It is the task of the National Police Board to oversee that the marketing of gambling services complies with the provisions of the Lotteries Act and the Consumer Protection Act. The National Police Board has the authority to prohibit the marketing of gambling services if the marketing is in violation of the Lotteries Act. The National Police Board can impose a notice of a conditional fine to reinforce marketing prohibitions.

The National Police Board’s guidelines on the marketing of gambling (2015) are a key part of the supervision of marketing. For the gambling company and other operators, they contain essential information both on the provisions on the marketing of gambling services and on how the National Police Board has interpreted them. This collection of interpretations helps Veikkaus Oy in particular, and the parties implementing its marketing, to act in accordance with the law. 

Restrictions on the marketing of gambling:

  • marketing may not target minors
  • marketing may not present a positive picture of heavy gambling 
  • marketing may not present a negative picture of not gambling at all or moderate gambling
  • if a game is considered to carry a particular risk of gambling harm (red games), it may not be marketed in any place other than the designated game arcades, casinos and race courses

However, even for the games that have been identified as carrying a higher risk of gambling harm, players may be given information on the betting events, points of sale, terms and conditions, stakes, the odds of winning and the payouts.