Electronic applications for firearm permits as of today

Publication date 1.3.2024 12.31
News item

From the beginning of March, private persons can submit firearms permit applications and notifications electronically. The police are able to provide citizens with more e-services following an amendment to the Firearms Act.

As of 1 March 2024, it is possible to electronically submit

  • permit applications for firearms, gas sprays and ammunition
  • an application for a parallel permit

and report

  • the identification data of the firearm and its component acquired under a firearms permit
  • the acquisition of a firearm component, a high-powered air gun or a deactivated firearm 
  • the lending, temporary storage and return of the firearm or component thereof and a high-powered air gun.

Electronic notification is usually sufficient and a visit to the police station is in most cases only required at the separate request of the police.

“The introduction of electronic services for firearms licence applications is an significant issue for both the police and licence applicants. It is also particularly great that we are able to launch the new services in the anniversary year of e-services. In December this year, it will be 10 years since the introduction of electronic passport services. Now that firearm permits have been digitalised, all applications of main police permit groups have been transferred to e-services," says Hanna Piipponen, Chief of License Administration.

E-services promote firearm safety in Finland

Firearms dealers have to date been able access police e-services and on 1 March 2024, the police have opened the new Firearms Business Licence and Licence Holder Changes service for them.

Besides making licence and permit matters easier, e-services will also promote firearm safety. E-services will allow the police to more quickly obtain information on the location of firearms, licence holders and permits.