National Police Commissioner’s blog: The police are prepared in case of attempts to disturb peace in society

Publication date 10.6.2022 12.13 | Published in English on 10.6.2022 at 13.02
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In his blog post on the Finnish police website, National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen emphasises the significance of citizens’ confidence and cooperation between various parties in times of instability.

The National Police Commissioner points out that comprehensive security is based on cooperation.

“Comprehensive security is a cooperation model for preparedness in Finland, according to which the vital functions in society are looked after through cooperation between the authorities, the business community, organisations and citizens.” 

According to Kolehmainen, even in times of instability, it must be possible for people to rely on the society’s ability to intervene with phenomena that jeopardise security, to prevent them in advance or deal with them in emergencies at the latest. 

“The best way to prevent outside attempts to exert influence, to investigate crimes and secure the functioning of society is to ensure that everyone living in Finland, regardless of their background, can trust Finnish society and the ability of the public authorities to protect citizens’ rights,” says Kolehmainen in his blog.

According to the blog, the war in Ukraine affects the everyday work of the police in diverse ways. 
“For example, when someone escapes the war in Ukraine and arrives in Finland, and applies for asylum or temporary protection, the police are there to meet the arrivals and register the people who enter the country. At the same time, the police collect information from the arrivals about the war crimes they have experienced or witnessed, for the purpose of eventual investigation at a later date.”
For now, the blog is available in Finnish only. The English translation will be available later.

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