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Amendment applications

When should we file an amendment application?

All money collection campaigns must follow to the terms of the permit. The permit specifies, for example, the bank account(s) into which funds raised can be deposited and the purposes for which funds can be raised. This is why an amendment application must be filed whenever the circumstances recorded in the original permit change.

An application to amend an existing permit should always be filed in the following circumstances:

  • The organisation wants to open a new money collection account.
  • The organisation is changing its name.
  • The start and end dates of the organisation’s financial year are about to change.
  • The organisation is introducing a new cause to promote.

Smaller changes can be reported to the competent permit authority by a simple written notice. 

In practice, filing a notice is usually sufficient if the change relates to an issue that was queries in connection with the permit application process but that was not actually recorded in the permit itself. Examples include changes introduced to the organisation’s rules or directors. 

How do we apply to have our permit amended? 

Applications to amend an existing permit must be in writing and sent to the authority that issued the permit by post or by email. Applications to amend money collection permits that are valid indefinitely can also be sent via the Police’s online services. 

Using the money collection permit application form is not compulsory; a free-form application suffices. If you do use the form, please only fill in your organisation’s details and the sections concerning your existing permit as well as the sections that you wish to change. 

Amendment applications must be signed and accompanied by a recent (no more than three months old) extract from the Register of Associations or the Register of Foundations. No other supporting documents are required. 

The Police’s online services cannot be used to request changes to fixed-term money collection permits issued under the old Money Collection Act.

How should we notify the competent authority of changes in our circumstances?

Changes to permit holders’ circumstances must be reported in writing and the notice sent to the authority that issued the permit by post or by email. Notices of changes relating to money collection permits that are valid indefinitely can also be sent via the Police’s online services.

There is no set template for reporting changes in circumstances. No supporting documents, such as register extracts, are required.

The easiest and safest way to supply the information to the National Police Board is via the Police’s online services, or you can use the Police’s secure email address at https://securemail.poliisi.fi/.

How much is the processing fee for amendment applications? How is the fee paid?

In 2024, the processing fee payable for applications to amend existing money collection permits is EUR 100. 

Payment table - Police (poliisi.fi)

The fee is levied once a decision on the requested changes has been made. The bill is sent to the address provided in the application. 

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Example of an amendment application: We are about to switch to a different bank account. What should we do?

Write to the competent permit authority and explain what is changing. You cannot start using your new money collection account until the permit authority has amended the terms of your permit.

You can use an application form or draft your amendment application yourself. If you use the application form, only fill in the details of your permit and your organisation and the section(s) that you wish to change, which in this case would be the one concerning money collection accounts. In addition to providing the details of your new account, explain whether or not you will continue to also use your old account. Leave the rest of the form empty.

Remember to also include any funds deposited in your old money collection account in your annual report or accounting report. Any funds deposited in your old money collection account need to be used to promote the cause specified in your money collection permit.