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Money Collection Campaigns

Money collection campaigns are an activity where a general audience is asked for gratuitous money donations. Money collections can be organized mainly for non-profit purposes. Money collections usually require a permit from the National Police Board.

Small-scale and short-term collections can be organized organize in the form of a small-scale money collection. Organizing a small-scale money collection requires making a written application to a police station. 

A money collector shows her phone to a passer-by. On the screen is a request for a two euro donation.

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You will find information about money collections and the responsibilities relating to the permit on these pages. Instructions on how to apply for a permit and organize a small-scale money collection are also given here. 

Information about money collection permits can be found on the Money Collection Permits page. The section includes information about the permit and when one is needed. There are also instructions for applying for a permit and answers to frequently asked questions.

You can also find information about the procedure for small-scale money collections on our pages. The page Small-Scale Money Collections provides information about the various situations and conditions one needs to follow when a money collection is arranged in the form of a small-scale money collection. In addition, there is information on the making of a small-scale money collection notice, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.