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Money Collection Campaigns

Money collection campaigns are an activity where a general audience is asked for gratuitous money donations. Money collections can be organized mainly for non-profit purposes. Money collections usually require a permit from the National Police Board.

Small-scale and short-term collections can be organized in the form of a small-scale money collection. Organizing a small-scale money collection requires making a written notification to a police department. 

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You will find information about money collections and the responsibilities relating to the permit on these pages. Instructions on how to apply for a permit and organize a small-scale money collection are also given here. 

Information about money collection permits can be found on the Money Collection Permits page. The section includes information about the permit and when one is needed. There are also instructions for applying for a permit and answers to frequently asked questions.

You can also find information about the procedure for small-scale money collections on our pages. The page Small-Scale Money Collections provides information about the various situations and conditions one needs to follow when a money collection is arranged in the form of a small-scale money collection. In addition, there is information on the making of a small-scale money collection notification, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

A list of valid money collection permits 

List of money collection permits

Did someone ask you to donate? Or perhaps you are interested in money collection issues and the purposes for which NPOs raise money? The National Police Board has published information on all valid money collection permits in the list that you can access above. The list tells which parties have been granted permits and for what purposes. In addition, you can check the permit number and the permits' validity period from the list.

Legitimate money collectors will always disclose at least the following information in connection with their money collection:

  • Identity of the organiser
  • Cause for which funds are being raised
  • Permit number or small-scale money collection number

You can tell the difference between a legitimate collection and illegal activity by looking out for this information. You can check the accuracy of the information from the aforementioned list, for example by searching by permit number. The list is updated twice a month.

The possibility of publishing the information of small-scale money collections is being looked into, and if possible, this information will also be added to the pages in the future. If you cannot find the money collection permit you are looking for, please contact the authority that granted the permit. The existence or validity of a money collection permit can further be checked with the National Police Board.

The task of publishing information on money collections is a new one. It was assigned the National Police Board in the reform of the money collection act. The purpose of the disclosure task is to enable citizens to check the data on money collection campaigns themselves and to make sure that it is correct. The listing brings necessary information to the public about the collections and the conditions for organizing them. The aim is to meet the publics need for information and to ensure the legal protection of donors.