Exit activity

Exit activity

Exit activity is special preventive action taken by the police to prevent serious crime and related human suffering and financial loss. It started in Finland in spring 2018. The activity is coordinated by the National Bureau of Investigation and carried out in cooperation with police departments across the country.

Exit activity by the Finnish Police focuses on two crime areas: organised crime and violent extremism.

In both of these areas, voluntary Exit participants are provided with help and support in escaping the influence of environment that is harmful to them and their loved ones.

Being a voluntary Exit participant means that the person is not required to give any account of any crime he or she may have committed or be aware of. This is to protect the person and those around him or her against any threat or violence. The aim is to remain objective: the police genuinely want to help through Exit.

The support provided includes assessing personal safety, making arrangements for safety, improving social conditions, or reinforcing a non-criminal identity.  Sometimes a new working and living environment can be arranged. The police are assisted in this work by HelsinkiMissio's Aggredi programme providing social guidance and psychosocial support. This partner was selected because of its strong experience and special expertise in violent and gang crime.

Those wishing to participate in Exit are evaluated comprehensively, and individual exit plans are made for them and implemented together with the participant. Exit work is extremely confidential, and the processing of information on the participants is always agreed with the participants on a base-by-case basis.

Exit activity helpline tel. +358 50 462 6435 and e-mail: exit.krp@poliisi.fi.