Information about National Bureau of Investigation

Who are we?

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is a national unit of the Finnish Police operating across Finland and dealing with a wide range of duties.

We detect and investigate serious, organised and professional crime and further develop methods of combating crime, that is to say, criminal investigation and criminal intelligence. We also provide specialist services in combating crime for other authorities.

The units operating at the NBI include the Forensic Laboratory, which is Finland's only forensic laboratory, the Cybercrime Centre, which focuses on combating cybercrime, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU Finland), and the National PCB Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Centre of the Finnish police, customs and border guard authorities.

We also act as the national centre for international police cooperation, including cooperation with Interpol and Europol. Furthermore, we participate in the investigation of major disasters; the national Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Team operates at the NBI.

Our headquarters are located in Jokiniemi, Vantaa and the other offices in Joensuu, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere and Turku. We also perform duties in the Åland Islands as specified in a decree issued under the Act on the Autonomy of Åland.

We employ around 780 people with different educational backgrounds.

The NBI is headed by Director of National Bureau of Investigation Robin Lardot.

Crime Museum

Crime Museum

The Crime Museum is situated at the Headquarters of the National Bureau of Investigation in Jokiniemi, Vantaa. For security and data protection reasons, the museum is not open to the public, but only to groups of visitors representing the staff and stakeholders of the Finnish Police. Visiting is possible only through advance booking. There can be only 20-25 visitors per group. Inquiries concerning visits:

The Crime Museum was established in 1937 as part of the then Crime Research Centre, primarily as an educational exhibition. The Crime Research Centre became the National Bureau of Investigation in 1955. The collections of the Crime Museum are part of the collections of the Police Museum situated at the Police University College in Tampere. The Police Museum is open to the public. The exhibitions tell the history of the Finnish Police and policing from the Middle Ages to the current day.

Inquiries about the collections and the history of the police: