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Calculator of fines 

Using the calculator, you can calculate the sum of the fine in euro.

Calculator of fines

The tolerance of the day-fine is +/- 2-4 day-fines depending on the circumstances.

The amount of the day-fine is determined by deducting the basic consumption credit of 255 euro from the net monthly income and by dividing the difference by 60. The lowest day-fine is minimum 6 euro. The minimum fine for speeding is, however, 100 euro in case of moped drivers and 200 euro for drivers of other motor vehicles.

Spouse means a marriage partner, co-habitant or other person who, without a marriage contract, continuously co-habits with the person on whom the fine has been imposed, in marriage-like circumstances.

The spouse is dependent on the support of the person on whom the fine has been imposed in case the spouse has no income at all, or the spouse’s income is exceptionally low. Whether the spouse’s income is considered low is subject to case-by-case assessment and the provisions laid down for the same matter in recovery proceedings are taken into account in the assessment.