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Illegal gambling and marketing

The Lotteries Act defines which gambling services may be provided and marketed in mainland Finland. Because of the adverse effects of gambling, a large number of restrictions are placed on both the provision and marketing of games.

In mainland Finland, Veikkaus Oy has the exclusive right to provide gambling services. Gambling services offered by other operators are prohibited and punishable under the Criminal Code.

No Limit (Ei mitään rajaa) campaign on illegal gambling marketing on social media platforms 

Similarly, only Veikkaus Oy is allowed to market gambling services in mainland Finland. All other marketing of gambling services is prohibited and is punishable as a gambling offence. 

The National Police Board has the power to intervene in prohibited marketing. Although Veikkaus Oy has the right to market its gambling services, there are certain restrictions on its marketing. The National Police Board monitors the legality of Veikkaus Oy’s marketing.

Marketing refers to any commercial practice aimed at promoting the demand for gambling or the visibility of the party providing gambling services. All types of activities promoting unauthorised gambling are illegal. For example, distributing a publication to Finland from abroad does not make it legal. If gambling is marketed from abroad and the effects of marketing extend to Finland, it must be assessed whether the purpose of the marketing is to promote the sale of the games especially in Finland.

The National Police Board may intervene in any prohibited running or marketing of gambling activities by:

  • providing guidance and advice
  • sending a request for information to the gambling operator
  • making a request for investigation to the police
  • issuing a prohibition decision
  • imposing a notice of a conditional fine to reinforce the prohibition
  • proposing a penalty payment.

In addition to the party providing gambling services, the prohibition may be imposed on a business or organisation that markets illegal gambling. 

The National Police Board may intervene in unlawful activities on the basis of its own observations and those made by external observers. Information on suspected unlawful gambling can be sent to the National Police Board at

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Examples of illegal gambling and marketing of gambling

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