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Olen tarttunut tilaisuuksiin -Satu Koivu uratarina en

Jumping at opportunities

Chief of Human Resources Development Satu Koivu, National Police Board

I started my career in policing in the summer of 1988 as a constable intern with the uniformed police. Over the 32 years since then, I have worked in various roles, including detective, operational commander, uniformed inspector, teacher, chief of staff and chief of human resources. I have also assisted the Palestinian Civil Police. I therefore have fairly extensive experience of several aspects of policing. 

I currently work as Chief of Human Resources Development and manage the human resources development team of the National Police Board’s Administrative Unit in Helsinki. My role as Chief of Human Resources Development involves finding ways to improve police competence, performance management in respect of the Police University College, as well as occupational safety and health, occupational health care, staff welfare and aftercare at the National Police Board and across the entire police organisation.

The appeal of police work lies in its varied nature

I am lucky to have been able to see police work from many different perspectives and be involved in multiple aspects of policing, and I feel that it is in that diversity where the police organisation’s strength lies. My experiences with the many different facets of policing have made me appreciate the range of skills we have in the police organisation and realise that every job plays a role in the big picture. This is especially true during critical operations, when each individual’s contribution to the common effort is the key to success.

The police organisation has a huge range of jobs to offer to both police officers and civilians. There are so many opportunities; you just have to be brave and open-minded and grasp them.

I do not believe that you can plan life in any great detail, although it is naturally important to have goals and ambitions and be prepared to work for them. In my own career, I have always seized opportunities as and when they come my way. Some have been leaps into the unknown, but hindsight has shown that they were worth it. 

Always learning

Learning new things has always been important to me. In today’s world, learning is a necessity, as the methods and tools that we rely on as well as the very environment in which we work keep changing and setting new challenges for police work. The world around us in a constant state of flux, which is why we all need to keep learning, all the time.

My professional goal is to give our staff opportunities to grow as individuals while ensuring that our organisation keeps up with the times. Learning requires growth and seeing things from new perspectives. In my current job, I need to be able to think on several levels simultaneously. I have to look at things from the point of view of the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole.

The purpose of training and all aspects of learning is to give the police the ability to stay on top of changes in society. Amidst all the demands and challenges, police officers also need to feel well and enjoy their work. Learning is also good for motivation.

These goals can only be attained if the whole organisation is on the same page. I genuinely believe that although there is not much that any of us can do on our own, together we have a chance to make a real difference.