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Licence for a responsible manager (deputy or temporary)

Security sector business licence holders must employ at least one responsible manager. A manager must be an individual who holds a valid licence issued by the National Police Board, authorising them as the manager for the holder of the security sector business licence in question.

The number of managers needed is determined by the scale of the operations

The National Police Board stipulates the number of managers on the basis of the scope of operations subject to a licence, the number and location of places of business, and other such circumstances. The National Police Board also stipulates the areas of responsibility of the managers.

Upon submitting a licence application or immediately afterwards, the applicant for or a holder of security sector business licence must submit an application for the approval of a manager to the National Police Board Business operations subject to a licence may not be begun before the National Police Board has approved a manager for the licence holder.

If a responsible manager no longer attends to their duties, the application for a new manager must be submitted within seven days of the termination of the duties.

One or more deputy managers can be licensed for a holder of a security sector business licence; these deputies will handle the duties of the manager when he or she is indisposed. The application and approval procedure is the same as for a responsible manager. 

If the responsible manager is suddenly kept from seeing to their duties permanently or temporarily, the National Police Board can approve an acting responsible manager. The temporary acting manager does not need to hold the qualification of a responsible manager and they can only be appointed for a one-year term.

The provisions applied to a responsible manager also apply to a deputy or temporary acting manager. 

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Amendments to the licence

A holder of a security sector business licence may submit an application to the National Police Board for the amendment of the current licence issued to managers and their deputies employed by the company.

In connection with the application, the applicant must indicate the status of the person's role by business location (starting, continuing or giving up the job).
The National Police Board may amend the terms and limitations of licensing due to changes in the temporary guard's training, personal qualities or other such circumstances.

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