Minor's passport

Minor's passport

Finnish citizens who apply for a passport are issued a passport to demonstrate that they are entitled to a travel document for the purpose of international travel, unless otherwise prohibited by law. Minors, too, need to have their own passport. 

Children and passports: Even young children need to have their own passport. You can submit an electronic application for a minor online the same as for adults, but almost all minors are required to visit a police station for identification.

Fingerprints: Children under 12 years of age are not fingerprinted. All passport applicants must visit a police station for identification if their fingerprints have not been scanned for a passport. For this reason, a visit to a police station is always required if the applicant was under 12 years of age when they last applied for a passport. This applies even if the applicant is still under 12 years of age. Children’s identity verification is done particularly carefully since the facial features of minors change quickly.

At the police station

The applicant must always be present: When visiting a police station, the minor applicant must be present in person even if they are just a baby.

The guardian must sometimes be present: If the applicant is under 15 years of age, they must be accompanied by at least one guardian. Minors aged 15 years or over can visit the police station independently, as long as they can present parental consent in writing and their identity can be verified.

Verifying the identity of a minor: A minor’s identity is usually verified by means of a passport or identity card. If the minor doesn’t have either, their identity will be verified in another way. If necessary, a minor can be identified through their guardian’s identification.

Consent from guardians

All guardians must give consent to the application of a minor.

Online applications: Guardians may give their consent online or submit their consent in writing to a police station. The guardian making the application gives consent on the form itself. Other guardians can reply to a request for consent by logging in to the police’s online service. Guardians may also give their consent in person by visiting a police station.

Applications made at a police station: If the application is made at a police station, the guardians present may give their consent verbally. Those guardians not present must submit their consent in writing. 

Download the consent form template: Consent form.

If a guardian does not give their consent: Passports can be issued without another guardian's consent only in special circumstances, such as when it is impossible to obtain the consent of a guardian because they are abroad, ill or otherwise unreachable.

A minor can be issued with a passport even if a guardian refuses to give his or her consent, if not issuing a passport would be clearly detrimental to the child's interests, and as long as there is no apparent danger that the child would be taken to another country for any extended period of time against the guardian's wishes.

Hakija aina mukaan en

The applicant must always be present

When visiting a police station, the minor applicant must be present in person even if they are just a baby.

Passialaikäiselle oikea palsta kuva en

The police permit employee hands the passport to the customer at the permit service point.