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National Police Board Communications

The National Police Board of Finland contact phone for the media is 050 399 9039.

Outside office hours, or when we are unable to respond, please leave your contact request by sending a SMS to this number, or mail us at, and we will return your call during office hours.

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The Police Helpline Services at 0295 419 800 and the live chat are open on weekdays from 8.00 - 16.15 and provide advice to the general public. 

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Our communication specialists

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Communication tasks and key indicators

Our main task is to provide information and advice, as well as improve the impact of Police operations, including crime and disturbance prevention. Our communications also aim at supporting the sense of security and trust in the authorities among the general public.

In 2019, the was visited about 12.3 million times. The most frequently used services were passport and ID card applications as well as filing of police reports. The entire Police web presence was renewed in 2020. In 2019, over 7,300 news items were published in 

The Police has about 200 social media profiles with about 1.4 million followers. The Police video channel Poliisitube includes hundreds of videos to improve the safety in Finland.

You can order Police news to your email from the open order service (only in Finnish).

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Work and careers at the National Police Board of Finland

We employ about four hundred police officers and experts.

In addition to those with a specific police training, we also employ experts of

  • information technology
  • law
  • finance and procurement
  • many other sectors. 

We also offer good training posts for university trainees.

The National Police Board of Finland is located in Espoo. The firearms and gambling administration units are in Riihimäki. The Police IT centre, POL IT, is located in Rovaniemi. The Police materials centre in Kouvola is responsible for the procurement of our equipment and services. Mikkeli is the venue of the private security sector supervision.

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