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Terms and conditions for auctions organized by the Firearms Administration in 2022

National Police Board, 11.2.2022, POL-2022-16609, ID-22111539 (In Finnish)

In these terms and conditions, the seller means the National Police Board’s Firearms Administration and the buyer means the other party to the sales transaction. The Firearms Administration sells at a public auction, on behalf of the owner, items taken into police possession, pursuant to section 91 of the Firearms Act.


The buyer must register for the auction at the gate and when entering the auction premises. In connection with the registration, the buyer’s personal details are verified in a valid passport or identity card (a driving licence is not sufficient) alongside the documentation authorising to make purchases. The information is entered in the list of buyers. In connection with the registration, the buyer is issued with a number sign indicating the buyer’s number according to the list of buyers. The buyer must hold the number sign visible.


The upset price of an item to be sold is EUR 50. At the auction, bids are called out verbally, holding up the number sign, and each subsequent bid must be higher than the previous one. The highest bid is confirmed by banging the hammer, and at that precise moment, the bidder has made a binding purchase contract.

Payment and right of ownership

Approved bids must be paid immediately after the auction with a payment card, the only accepted payment method. The right of ownership to the auctioned item will transfer to the buyer after the buyer has paid the accepted bid and the document, entitling to purchase the item, has been completed with the details of the purchased item, and signed.

Handing over

Items will only be handed over to the buyer on the auction day against a receipt. After the auction is closed, items can no longer be handed over. In addition, before the item can be handed over, the buyer must present the document entitling them to purchase the item. The items will only be sold and handed over to the permit holder (not to an authorised representative by proxy).

Seller’s responsibility

The items are sold and handed over in the condition, and with the equipment, that they have at the auction. Because the items are sold on behalf of the owner, the seller is not responsible for the items sold being safe to use or in a condition fit for shooting. Neither is the seller liable for any direct or indirect damage to the buyer or a third party, caused by the item sold or any defects the item may have.

Entry into force

The buyer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the auction in connection with the registration.


Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved, if agreement cannot be reached in any other way, by the District Court of Kanta-Häme as the court of first instance.