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Poliisin ohjeet tietomurron uhreille -EN

Instructions to victims of Vastaamo hacking incident

If your data have leaked on the internet or you have received a ransom message relating to the hacking of Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo's data, report the crime to the police online. If you are not able to make an online report, you may report the crime at your closest police department during opening hours. 

Please note that it is not that urgent to report the crime, as it is not a precondition for proceeding with the investigations into the damage caused by the hacking at the moment, but a report of an offence will be required for a victim to participate in the criminal proceedings as an injured party. Remember to fill out the form carefully and provide all the requested information, and remember to keep any ransom message you may have received as it is for the purpose of criminal investigation.

When making the report, remember to:

  • mention the word 'Vastaamo' in the report
  • mention to whom any ransom message was addressed
  • mention where your personal information has leaked, if any (if known)
  • mention any ransom demand received and how the ransom should be paid, including the account number
  • mention any ransom paid.

Remember that you must not pay any ransom; paying a ransom does not guarantee the deletion of your personal data or prevent any abuse of the data.

Reporting a crime

Reporting a crime requires identification as a private person. Please follow the instructions on the form. If you are not able to make an online report, you may report the crime at your closest police department during opening hours. 

The points applicable to the offences include 'Other offences' and 'Internet' (place of offence). 

You do not have to name the offences yourself, but the offences filled out on the form will be specified as the investigation goes on. The most important thing is that you carefully state all available details on the form. 

Any attachments are added to 'Additional information'.

For practical advice on the criminal procedure or for emotional support, please contact Victim Support Finland's (RIKU) phone line 116 006 or RIKUchat, or submit a request for contact.

Electronic statement form is available at police e-services

The victims will be interviewed mainly online. On 27 October, 2021, an online statement form was made available at police e-services for those, who have reported a crime in relation to the Vastaamo incident which took place in October 2020. Those victims, who have made a report of an offence to the police, can give a statement online at police e-services. Those, who have not made a report, may not be interviewed as victims.

The statement form will appear at police e-sercvices service for those, who have reported a crime in relation to the incident. If the statement form has not appeared three weeks after filing the report of an offence, you can contact your local police department.

The number of victims currently known to us is 22,000. We have taken the exceptionally large number of victims into consideration in planning how to carry out their interviews. An electronic statement form has been designed so that it is easy to complete, thus making it as easy as possible for victims to make a statement in the matter. The form is located on a secure police platform, and it is safe to fill it in. Victims should complete the form, because by doing so they remain parties to the criminal procedure and may subsequently present their claims in the matter.

For data security reasons, the police will not send invitations to victims in person or direct links to the statement form. In case you receive a message about the statement form sent in the name of the police, or a link to the form, please note that it is not genuine and that the link must not be opened. The police e-services can be accessed at the website To access the site, write the address in the browser's address field; do not access the site via search engines.

Instructions to victims of Vastaamo hacking incident.

For advice on how to complete the statement form and for conversational support, please contact Victim Support Finland at its helpline 116 006 or RIKUchat. Before contacting Victim Support Finland, please take time to carefully examine the statement form of the police and the instructions provided at the website

Submit tip-offs via net tip

You can report other information about the hacking on an online tip-off form of the police. Please note that the net tip form cannot be used for submitting a report of an offence. 

Please also remember that communicating, handling and recording information that has been leaked constitutes a crime.

Advice and emotional support for the criminal procedure

Victim Support Finland (RIKU) has worked with the NBI and supported the victims since information about the hacking was published in the media in October 2020. It continues to provide emotional support, advice and support in the different stages of the criminal procedure, such as in reporting a crime online. Comprehensive advice for victims is also provided on the website of Victim Support Finland.

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