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Licences for certain game machines and devices

Self-employed persons, organisations and foundations can apply for a licence to keep hand-operated wheels of fortune as well as game machines and devices bought before 1 June 1970 available for public use. The prizes available from these wheels of fortune and game machines and devices can be goods or other benefits of monetary value, or tokens that can be exchanged for goods or benefits of monetary value. The benefits or tokens may not be exchangeable for money.

Amusement parks and fun fairs can also apply for a licence for non-money prize machines and other kinds of game machines and devices from which players can win goods.

Submit applications for game machine or device licences or licences for a hand-operated wheel of fortune to the police department whose jurisdiction covers the site in which the machine is located. Licences can be granted for a maximum period of two years. If you wish to continue to keep the machine available, you must submit a new application.

All machines or devices that feature a coin slot must be fitted with a payment monitoring device inspected and approved by an inspection body authorised by the National Police Board.

You must place the machine in a monitored space. You may not place it in a space where it could compromise safety or security or cause a public disturbance. This refers to considerations such as fire safety.

The licence for certain game machines and devices is subject to a fee. 

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