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Non-money lotteries

Non-money prize lotteries, also called raffles, are a form of lottery in which participants can win goods or gift cards in a draw or in some other way, but always based on chance. To participate in a non-money prize lottery, you will pay a charge which may be a direct payment of money or an indirect payment, for example an admission fee.

Gift cards or vouchers that can be won in non-money prize lotteries must not be exchangeable for money.

You can find more information on different types of lotteries on these pages.

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Who gives advice about non-money lotteries?

Local police departments provide licensing advice for organisations and foundations within their respective districts. 

Police departments also provide advice on non-money prize machines and certain non-money game machines and devices. 

The National Police Board provides licensing advice for organisations and foundations operating nationally or across several police districts. Preferably send your enquiry by email to arpajaishallinto@poliisi.fi. The National Police Board also provides advice on bingo licences.

Tavaravoittoarpajaisten muodot -lista

Non-money prize lotteries include:

  • non-money lotteries
  • guessing games
  • bingo games
  • non-money prize machines
  • game machines and devices purchased before 1 June 1970.