Non-money prize machine licences

Non-money prize machines are game machines or devices from which players can win goods. The prizes are held inside the machine and given to winners directly from the machine.

A non-money prize machine licence may be granted to an organisation or foundation with a non-profit purpose. The proceeds from keeping a machine available must be used for a non-profit purpose.

Apply for a non-money prize machine licence in writing to the police department whose jurisdiction covers the site in which the machine is located.  Licences can be granted for a maximum period of 2 years. If you wish to continue keeping a non-money prize machine available after this time, you must apply for a new licence.

Place the non-money prize machine in a monitored space. You may not place a non-money prize machine in a space where it could compromise safety or security or cause a public disturbance. This refers to considerations such as fire safety.

You must produce accounts of non-money prize machine operations. Submit your accounts to the police department that granted the licence within one month of the end of the licencing period. If your organisation has previously had a non-money prize machine licence, a new licence will not be granted if you have failed to produce the accounts.

Lottery tax is payable on the proceeds of non-money prize machines. A new licence will not be granted if you have previously neglected to pay the tax. More information on the lottery tax and its payment is available from the Tax Administration.

A non-money prize machine licence is subject to a fee. 

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Attach the following supporting documents to your licence application:

  • Annual report or other proof of the applicant having engaged in activities that promote its chosen cause. An annual report is the preferred form of proof. Other forms of proof are only accepted if there is no annual report. 
  • Proof of a decision concerning the making available of a non-money prize machine. This refers to an extract from the minutes of the meeting in which the making available of a non-money prize machine was decided.
  • Copy of the most recent adopted financial statements. Financial statements must also include an auditor’s report.
  • Copy of the rules of the organisation or foundation.
  • Extract from the Finnish Register of Associations, Register of Foundations or Trade Register / extract from a register maintained by an association governed by public law. The extract may not be more than 3 months old, calculated from the date of the licence application.
  • A copy of the approval of the payment monitoring device for the non-money prize machine or a similar certificate.
  • All machines or devices that feature a coin slot must be fitted with a payment monitoring device inspected and approved by an inspection body authorised by the National Police Board.

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