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Non-money lottery licences

You will need a licence for running a non-money lottery. A non-money lottery licence may only be granted to an organisation or foundation with a non-profit purpose. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the National Police Board to process your non-money lottery licence application.

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A non-money lottery licence cannot be granted, for example, to a business or a private individual. Nor can a non-money lottery licence be granted to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Orthodox Church or their parishes. However, licences can be granted to clubs and groups run by the parishes of these churches and to religious associations in general.

The proceeds from non-money lotteries must be used for non-profit activities. For that reason, non-money lotteries may only be run with the aim of raising funds for non-profit causes. So, you cannot run a non-money lottery simply as a fun activity at your event or for some other reason without raising funds for a non-profit activity.

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Attachments to the non-money lottery application

Attach the following supporting documents to your licence application:

  • Annual report or other proof of the applicant having engaged in activities that promote its chosen cause. An annual report is the preferred form of proof. Other forms of proof are only accepted if there is no annual report. In that is the case, explain the reason for the absence of the annual report.
  • Proof of a decision concerning the running of a non-money lottery. This refers to an extract from the minutes of the meeting in which you decided to run the non-money lottery.
  • Copy of the most recent adopted financial statements. Financial statements must also include an auditor’s report.
  • Copy of the rules of the organisation or foundation.
  • Extract from the Finnish Register of Associations, Register of Foundations or Trade Register / extract from a register maintained by an association governed by public law. The extract may not be more than 3 months old, calculated from the date of the licence application.
  • Details of the party responsible for the practical arrangements (if applicable).