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Apply for a firearms permit 

Services relating to firearms and firearms licences are available at police stations around the country. Check our contact information to see what services are available in your area.

These pages contain information about applying for a firearms licence and, for example, what to do if you inherit a firearm. 

The competent authority for firearms business licences is the National Police Board’s Firearms Administration. Provisions relating to firearms are included in, for example, the Firearms Act. 

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Firearm permits

The police grant permits for acquiring and possessing firearms and firearm components. Submit your firearm permit application to a police department either via online services or by visiting police station in person. Permits for acquiring and possessing firearms and gas sprays can also be granted to organisations and foundations that are registered in Finland or that provide a public service.

Permits for acquiring and possessing firearms and firearm components can only be granted to applicants who can demonstrate an acceptable purpose of use. Applicants must also meet the conditions for permit holders.

If you choose to visit police station in person, applications are submitted verbally. An officer at the police department will enter your application in the firearms database. However, you must provide the grounds for your application in writing. When using online services, you fill in the application form yourself and provide the necessary documents as attachments.

To apply for a firearm permit, you need to bring your:

  • passport or identity card. You can submit your application even if you don’t have these with you. However, as the police department will have to verify your identity, your appointment will take longer.
  • grounds for your application in writing, and any other documents needed to support your application.
  • military passport, civilian service certificate, conscription certificate or a certificate showing that you are exempt from military service.
  • documents justifying the purpose for which you intend to use the firearm.

Firearm permit interviews

The police may invite you to an interview before granting you a permit. You will be invited to an interview if:

  1. you are applying for your first firearm permit
  2. more than ten years have elapsed since the previous permit was granted
  3. you are the guardian of an applicant for a parallel permit and the applicant has reached 15 but not 18 years and you are applying for a permit for the storage and transport of a firearm
  4. you are under 18 years of age

You will also be invited to an interview if something emerges during the processing of the permit that suggests that you may be unsuitable to possess firearms (such as violence, intoxicants or health reasons). 

As a rule, applicants who are applying for their first handgun permit will be interviewed. Exceptions to this general rule may be made on special grounds, for example if a person who has been hunting for a long time and is of good repute applies for a firearm for putting down the animal when hunting with traps or catching animals below ground.

As a rule, firearm acquisition permits are valid for a period of one year. On special grounds, the permit may be extended to a maximum of two years. 

Presenting firearms of firearm components

In some cases you have to present the firearm or firearm component at the police department before the licence to possess the item can be delivered. The weapon or weapon component must be presented if:

  1. you have acquired the item from a private person whose firearm licence to that item has been granted before 1st of January 2000. 
  2. you have imported the firearm, firearm component or the high-powered air gun or manufactured or modified it on the basis of the right of private manufacture.

    NB! In cases mentioned above, the item must be presented within 30 days from acquisition, import, manufacturing or modification.
  3. you have acquired a brand new firearm or firearm component from a firearms trader 
  4. you have acquired a particulary dangerous firearm or its component as a weapons collector.

The police may also ask for you to present an item on other grounds. In that case the item must be presented within the time specified by the police.  

When you present the object, bring also the pages of the permit to acquire that you have. 

Remember that even if you don´t need to present the object, you still have to notify the police within 30 days that you have acquired it. You can also use the online services to notify. In that case, please attach a copy of the pages of the permit to the form. You can also notify by visiting a police station. 

Conditions for firearm permit holders

You may be granted a permit to acquire a firearm if you are:

  • at least 18 years.
  • considered fit to possess a firearm or a firearm component based on your health and behaviour.

For example, a criminal past or substance abuse may be an obstacle to obtaining a permit.

However, you can only obtain a firearm permit for acquiring a pistol, a small-calibre pistol, a revolver or a small-calibre revolver or a component for one after you have reached the age of 20.

If you have in your possession an unlicensed firearm, component of a firearm, cartridges or particularly dangerous projectiles, their possession does not prevent you from obtaining of a firearm permit if you report and hand them over to the police on your own initiative.

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On applying a permit

Below you can find more detailed information on applying for a firearm permit. 

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When is a firearm permit cancelled?

If you no longer need a firearm, request the police to cancel you permit.

The police can cancel your permit if:

  • you no longer practise shooting sports
  • you no longer need the permit at work
  • your firearm has been lost or stolen
  • your behaviour and way of life demonstrate that you are unsuitable to possess a firearm
  • you commit a crime
  • you behave violently 
  • you commit a firearms offence or violate the permit terms.

The police may cancel an organisation or foundation’s permit to possess a firearm if the permit holder no longer meets the conditions for obtaining a permit.

The police will cancel a parallel permit if the consenting holder of the main permit, the State or the guardian of the underage person withdraws their consent.

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