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Supervision of gambling

Gambling causes harm to a significant number of people in Finland. One of the key purposes of the Finnish gambling system is to prevent and reduce the harm caused by gambling. 







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According to Finnish law, gambling services must be provided in such a way that

  • the legal protection of the participants is guaranteed
  • abuses and offences are prevented, 
  • and the economic, social and health-related harm caused by gambling is prevented and reduced.

The provision of gambling services is a form of economic activity that, without supervision, may have harmful effects on society. The objects of the gambling system could not be achieved without an efficient supervisory organisation with sufficient powers. Supervision by the authorities is necessary in order to prevent harm to society caused by gambling. The Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing also applies to Veikkaus Oy and its agents suppling the games. The National Police Board is responsible for ensuring that the gambling company and its agents comply with the law.

The operators in Finland’s gambling monopoly are subject to supervision in several areas. The supervision focuses on their operations and finances, use of proceeds, legality of operations and any harmful effects resulting from their operations. 

The Ministry of the Interior guides Finland’s gambling policy and drafts the related decisions and legislation. Operating under the Ministry of the Interior, the Advisory Board on Gambling monitors the fulfilment of the gambling policy objectives and development needs. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare are responsible for monitoring and studying gambling-related problems and for developing prevention and treatment.

More information on the operators in the Finnish gambling system is available in the ‘State of Play 2017: A review of gambling in Finland’.